How to Keep Your Remote Employees Motivated and Engaged

with Denise Cagan

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 139


Today, many people are looking to work remotely, and since the start of COVID-19 hit, more companies have shifted to remote work environments. Due to this, remote work appears to be here to stay. If you want your small business to excel with a remote staff, it’s extremely beneficial to know how to maintain strong team relationships when people are working outside the office.

Denise Cagan gives her insight on ways to keep employees motivated through transparency and positivity. She even shares technology that could make building a remote workspace that much easier to handle.  

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How to build strong remote teams

  • Practices that people should implement in a remote environment

  • How to engage disconnected team members

  • Ways to keep remote teams motivated

  • Useful technology to make tasks easier for your small business

  • What ATS is and why it is so useful

About Denise Cagan:

Denise Cagan started her first company while still working as a QA Manager at Coca-Cola. After a year of doing both, she moved on to becoming a full-time business owner at DiCi Services. She grew DiCi for 10 years, selling it in 2011. At that time, Denise established a second and third company. Only one of these remains today which is her current business, DCA Virtual Business Support.

DCA Virtual provides support for growing businesses for their administrative and creative needs. Outsourcing these functions enables small business owners to develop and expand their organizations. DCA believes in small businesses and the families they support. As such, we are dedicated to helping small business owners attain growth and exceed their goals.

 She attributes her success in navigating the business world to her strong operational and management style and an incredible business advisor. Denise graduated from James Madison University with a BS in Quality Systems Development. She is a mother, grandmother, and dog-lover.

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