Using Assessments in Hiring and Building Your Best Culture with Jennifer Lawrence

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 188


Assessments and personality tests can be helpful tools when looking at the structure of your organization. Different types of these tests can tell what people value and what people need to function at their best. 

Operations consultant Jennifer Lawrence examines how these assessments can be used within hiring in your small business. She shares what to focus on and ways to utilize these tools to your company’s advantage. She also shares how to avoid potential legal risks when using assessments to guide hiring decisions. 

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • How to read assessment results 
  • When to have candidates take assessments during the hiring process
  • How to implement the results of your team members’ assessments into your business model 
  • What your results mean, and how you should use your results to your advantage
  • How to effectively work with team members with different strengths and drivers
  • How knowing people’s assessment results can help you approach conflict with ease 


About Jennifer Lawrence:

Jen Lawrence is an operations consultant passionate about creating ease through systems. Leveraging over twenty years of administrative and project management experience, she helps entrepreneurs and ambitious leaders develop highly customized and strategic solutions to solve their biggest people, processes, and technology pain points.

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