How to Ensure You’re Delegating the Right Tasks to Your Assistant

with Bianca Smith

The Growing your Team Podcast: Episode 64


As a small business owner, not only does your plate feel full, it seems to keep getting heavier. When this happens, one of your options is to outsource some of your work to an assistant.

But, what should you outsource? How do you sort through everything you are currently doing and figure out what makes the most sense to get off your plate and delegate to a team member?

Bianca Smith is sharing her journey and how she is helping business owners make this very important delegation decision.

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In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why even your most loyal employees might leave you. 
  • Why you shouldn’t let fear of what could happen hold you back from hiring the person you need to hire now. 
  • The #1 mistake business owners make when they go hire their first assistants. 
  • How to determine what tasks you should so and what tasks your assistant should do to get the biggest return when hiring. 
  • Why 10 applicants is better than 100+ applicants on your job posting. 
  • How to ensure your clients don’t feel the pinch when you have a team member out of the office.
  • Why starting small and building over time can lead the the best ROI with your assistant. 
  • What happens when you wait too long to prepare for and hire your first team member – and why it leads to bad hires and a wasted dollars.
  • Why you should fear hiring a remote team member who is in a different time zone. 

About Bianca Smith:

Bianca Smith is the owner & founder of Simplified VA Services. She runs a VA agency helping small businesses grow their business through outsourcing.

Her agency offers Pinterest management, social media management, and general admin. Bianca also coaches new and aspiring Virtual Assistants.

Bianca has an MBA in accounting, is an Air Force Veteran and Milspouse stationed in Madrid, Spain. She has 3 teenagers, addicted to coffee, and is an avid reader.

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In this episode, Bianca told us about VirtForce. VirtForce helps connect active military spouses to remote career opportunities.

If you’re interested in hiring a military spouse for your opening position or know a military spouse looking for a job opportunity, you can learn more about VirtForce here:

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Download your free copy of the outsourcing guide talked about during this episode: Grow Your Business Through Outsourcing

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