How to Have a Successful Team as a Distracted Entrepreneur

With Amber Hawley

The Growing Your Team Podcast Episode 96

The world around us is constantly begging to be paid attention to. With social media and new technological advancements, their seems to always be something to do. It can be hard to decipher what serves as a great opportunity to delve further into vs what’s just a distraction.

Amber Hawley recognizes the challenges faced in present day work culture and explains her techniques to creating a successful team with this in mind. She discusses how honing in on your particular “zone of genius” can be the first step to making an impactful change. When your able to commit less your also able to do less which in retrospect makes you able to achieve more.

About Amber Hawley:

Amber Hawley is a licensed marriage and family therapist who works with high performing/entrepreneurial couples and individuals helping them have more fulfilling relationships without sacrificing their businesses. She is the owner of a group therapy practice in Silicon Valley, wife, mom of three kids, avid coffee drinker, host of the CouplesFix and The Easily Distracted Entrepreneur podcasts. Amber originally worked in the tech industry but her love for people led her to pursue a career where meaningful relationships are at the center of everything she does.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:


  • How to balance distractions in the workplace and optimize engagement with your to-do list.
  • How to decipher what’s a “shiny object” vs what’s an amazing opportunity.
  • Techniques to use when developing a decision-making support system within your business.
  • How to let go of certain roles in your business to minimize your workload and give space for new prospects.
  • Ways to utilize the hiring process to identify the people who are going to work well with you and within your culture.
  • How to get support both inside and outside your business.
  • The importance of finding what works for you and fulfilling the right needs which may be different compared to other business owners.

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